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Wireless communication in the warehouse

No more tangled cables: the future is wireless! Thanks to the sWave.NET network, connecting warehouse switchgear and command devices to the company IT is now easy. This network can be integrated directly in the user IT platforms. First practical applications already exist, as demonstrated by SSI Schäfer and its fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Source: dispo (09/2017)
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Foot contact welcome - Wireless foot controls for ergonomic and safe machine operation

In casting and forming plants, a foot control is an important element of the human-machine interface – also and especially regarding the triggering of safety-related functions. Now wireless safety foot controls are available for this task, providing users with improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: md-Automation (09/2017)
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Cable-free enabling - Safety for forming machines

Enabling switches are a typical example of human-machine interfaces in hydraulic press brakes, swing-folding and other forming machines. Recently, manufacturers and users of press brakes were given the added option of using wireless foot controls for this task, providing improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: GIT Sicherheit + Management (4/2017)
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At the loading bay: management of high-risk factors

Carpenteria 3P / equipment for loading bays
In an economic sector such as logistics, in which precision plays such a major role and where process planning, speed and accuracy all have to engage perfectly, special and individual solutions are required. Efficiency and competitiveness are at stake.

Source: Logistica (01/2017)
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Downhill on 1,100 variants - Wireless Kanban in ski production

In Altenmarkt in Austria, Atomic skis are manufactured using the latest production methods – the factory is considered to be one of the leading firms in Austria for implementation of the Industry of Things. One innovation concerns the provision of components on assembly lines, mastered using a Wireless Kanban system which is fully integrated in the company-wide flow of information. Wireless switches from steute signalise the removal of components to the feedback control system by remote control.

Source: SPS-Magazin (10/2016)
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